Some Things Change You Forever: my intro to homeless ministry

I just found an old notebook that had a small reflection after my first time going out on the streets with a church to share food with people experiencing homelessness. This was about nine and a half years ago when I was a student in college. As I read this I recognized a sentiment that I hear from students who come to serve along side us all the time. I thought I would share the reflection here and hope that it is encouraging to note that experiences and feelings that we have are ways that God steers the trajectory of our entire lives. (Please forgive the terrible grammar and spelling! Hooked on phonics never worked for me)

What really stood out to me when I found and read this today was the line "....I mean really do something. Giving someone a meal is nice but I wanna do so much more, My heart broke last night." I still, almost ten years later feel the exact same way in the deepest parts of me. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the ministry I now do you can visit and


  1. Very touching reflections. You have a good heart, Jon.


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