Unknown unknowns

Anosognosia is a condition in which a person who suffers disability seems unaware of the existence of his or her disability. Unlike denial, which is a defense mechanism, Anosognosia is rooted in physiology (for example, damage to the frontal lobe due to illness and disease). The word comes from the Greek words "nosos" disease and "gnosis" knowledge (a- is a negative prefix). This is a real medical condition and it is also analogous to to the foolishness that so easily ensnares many leaders.
I am constantly having my shortcomings unveiled and having to face my weaknesses. I am always a little let down in myself (like i thought i was perfect) and always grateful to God for an opportunity to repent and grow. I have had this experience enough that I have embraced the fact that I am unaware of much of what is true of me and the world. Also I know that what I don't know, despite the cliches, can in fact hurt me and others as well. We are unaware of so much and the least we can do is to seek out the unknowns. Making unknown unknowns known unknowns and known unknowns, knowns. "Say what again, I dare ya!"
Socrates was told by the oracle at Delphi that he was the wisest man in all of Athens and sure that this couldn't be true he set out in search of wise men and experts. What he found was that many many smart people were unaware of their foolishness or limitations. They didn't acknowledge or know that there were things that they just didn't know. He finally conclude that he is in fact the wisest of all men in Athens because and only because he knows that he is ignorant.
Our greatest weakness can be thinking we have arrived. It is the kiss of death. We, as leaders must always be learning about ourselves, our people, and our environment. We never get it and when we think we do, we really really don't.
This is one reason that Jesus might tell followers to come as though we are children. Because children are filled with wonder rather than pride and humble enough to always be asking why? how? why? how? They are foolish(or wise) enough to say what one more time.