Renew my mind

Lord Jesus, renew my mind
Help me leave these chains of society behind
These chains of fear and consumption
The way they steer us is something else
With a mirage that hurries us
To form a collage of worries
To keep you worrying about dying, so you forget to live
And worrying about buying, so you refuse to give
I don’t wanna pray just to maintain
But to change the dang thing
Rearrange and take a swing
At injustice and sin, but this just in
Dr. King said before he died
“Justice too long delayed, is justice denied!”
So it’s time to shout and call a few things out
Like the critisisms, fatigue, and frustration
That have plagued our nation, it’s an abomination
Discouraged by a fear and failure and education
By the lies they disguese then televise....
It’s time to wise up! Open our eyes up,
Rally together and rise up.
But first we’ve got to see our own hypocracy
We could be blessin’ our city, with generosity
But we stay choosin’ greed, which is idolatry
Provokin’ Yahweh....Man there ain’t no way
We can keep this up and still share in His cup?
Suppose to leave the old self, but look’t all we’ve kept
God sets us free and we carried the idols with us, right out of Egypt
and we did it again when we left Babylon
Another mass exodus and we ask pagans to tag along
King Nebuchadnezzar told’em to bow when the music plays
and when you look around can’t you see how we still obey?
So the paradigm shifts before we even start
That ain’t the the golden calf’s in our heart
So we’re consumed by fear and confused when we hear
That the kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed and like a net
Or like a merchant findin’ a pearl, hold up I ain’t done yet.
It’s like the yeast thats worked through all the dough
And like a treasure in a field you’d sell everything for
And it’s better to enter with no eyes or hands
Than to never ever see the promised land
But how do you get there?
Not with pennies on your eyes to pay the fare
Of the man supposedly on some boat
You know Jesus broke it down like sheeps and goats
He said he was a stranger but you ain’t let’m in
He was hungry and thirsty and you passed’m again
So we say to ourselves “I didn’t see J. C.”
But he said “What you don’t do for the least, you don’t do for me!”
Repent, for the Kingdom of God is near!
Anybody here got ears to hear
It’s time we learn to love our neighbor
And put to death what belongs to our earthly nature
Stop this detestable coveting of silver and gold
And start caring for the lost, the poor, the orphaned,
The sick, the oppressed and the forgotten old
Lord, I pray that your kingdom come
Lord God, I pray that your will be done
I thank you for sendin’ your only son
There’s still so much we need deliverance from
Lord Jesus renew our minds
And help us leave these chains behind