Reflection on eternity

How can we even pretend to understand eternity?
We don't even know what it is to last.
.....................................Every moment passes
As soon as you recognize a moment as a moment, its a memory.

Life is fleeting and eternity is a mystery.


  1. I'm commenting here not because I have something to say about this post but rather because this is the most recent post and I want to comment on them all.
    I like what you are doing and admire the breadth of your thought. I like that your thinking seems to encompass many ideas and topics while still centering on that one concern; the point of it all. I write because I see a problem arising out of this very quality. You are covering so much ground, and so quickly, that you are not giving or exploring the details.
    Now, I know that this blog is for you; to process what you are thinking, and only secondarily to share with a select few who might not be scared by what you have to say, but I wonder if you are doing yourself a disservice by spilling your thoughts on the page one after the other without taking the time and care to pick them apart and think them through.
    For example:
    "(Even though Jesus said that His Kingdom will be on earth and that environmental conservation is an effective way to do justice)"
    What is you proof for this? It would appear Biblical but where did Jesus say this and what was the context? I know these things concern you and think that you have thought of them and know them but I have no proof. Plus, wouldn't your argument (or philosophical proof) hold more weight, in the reader's mind as well as your own if you worked out all the kinks before you published? Perhaps that is too strong since the whole point of the blog is to process these thoughts but because you are, topically, all over the map I think it would help you to offer a little more detail per blog/argument. I would imagine that this could only profit you in the long run.
    Thanks for allowing me into this process with you and please forgive the less-than-coherent comment. I hope it helps you.

  2. To have eternity collapse in its entirety into our minds would create the most dazzling artwork of splattered brain on a light colored wall.


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