God, are you moving in the world?

....I've been doing some thinking.
God is not currently in control. At least not fully. He is not directing Typhoons or stopping babies from crying and NO, I'm sorry, He is not the one that helped you find your keys. That is why scripture talks about His future Kingdom. He will Reign! But is not currently. We have free will. We can decide what to do with this earth, this gift. He gave it to us to steward. (I heard someone say 'You know, the earth might have a kind of free will too, and might be bucking back after all we've done to it.') He will establish His Kingdom here on earth. I believe that, (for the simple reason that Jesus said so) and we should be working toward that vision and being obedient to His Kingdom ethic now. That ethic is Love. It has nothing to do with rules (though some actually are helpful) or guilt, or sin. It has to do with giving of ourselves, loving our neighbors, our enemies, and our God. Will we FOLLOW Jesus?
Screw church, I don't care where you are with that, I'm talkin' about serving the poor, fighting oppression, standing for justice, & caring for creation. I agree with many atheists and agnostics like Dawkins and Harris, that fundamentalistic thinking has to die. Any Ideology that leads people to kill to protect the unborn and then turn around and believe that homosexuals deserve the death penalty should be abolished. Any place that teaches that folks with disabilities are in sin OR have a lack of faith should be abandon. But the Jesus that teaches to love the prostitute, give EVERYTHING to the poor, and to lay down your life for the Kingdom revolution is worth following. He even promises that he will resurrect those that join His resistance. Christianity is an army that will continue to live, however as it is in the States today, should be forgotten. Though, if we would really follow Jesus, the world would shake. I don't care how strong your faith is, or if you 'believe enough' to be atoned for, DO WHAT JESUS SAY'S! He will recognize those that share his culture, and are acting like Him. That is what I am counting on.

Must Jesus return to find churches full of people continuously saying they believe but never doing anything? Then he died in vain.