Can Aristotles aproach to ethics help todays church?

Where Aristotle would
point to find virtue
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We can help prepare the way for the Lord but we need Him to establish His Kingdom here on earth. Its weird. I wanna say that we are too apocalyptic, but we are not even that. WE think that the world is going to hell in a hand basket and hide in our Churches as though they were bunkers. We don't protect the environment because we expect the world to burn up. (Even though Jesus said that His Kingdom will be on earth and that environmental conservation is an effective way to do justice) Those are a few reasons I wanna say that we are too apocalyptic, however we don't even do evangelism like the end was near. We don't expect that either. (well the Mormons do, but they actually believe what they say)
The only effort we ever exert is in our concern for all the bad things that we 'christians' shouldn't be doing. Where did we learn that? Faith is about doing, its about strugglin', its about love, it is so much more than behavior modification.
"The man who fears God will avoid all extremes"